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Pregnancy Yoga

A relaxed, supportive, fun Six week Pregnancy Yoga Course to support the physical and emotional changes during your pregnancy and help prepare for labour using gentle movement, breath work and relaxation techniques. 

Why Pregnancy Yoga?

Our Pregnancy Yoga class are suitable for all abilities from 12 weeks of pregnancy right up to birth even if you have never tried yoga before.


They are led by Jane with over 40 years of working with women as a Midwife and Health Visitor. 

The gentle movements help to keep you strong and relaxed during your pregnancy and prepare you for labour. You will learn ways to manage the  common ailments of pregnancy for instance, heartburn. Breath work focuses on techniques to help with labour. The course is designed to provide you with space to reconnect with yourself and your changing body. 

Pregnancy Yoga

What you need to know 

The Pregnancy Yoga courses are on Tuesday 19.30-20.30 at Marley Hill Community Centre. Free Parking.

They run in 6 week blocks and cost £50. The blocks are rolliing so you can book anytime.

All equipment is provided including mats but of course you can bring your own if you prefer. 

Bring a drink with you. 

If you are far along in your pregnancy and don't think you will use all 6 classes send me an email at: and we can arrange a drop in cost for you.

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